Wrongful Conviction

Wrongful Conviction Appeals Services

If you have been wrongly convicted of child abuse, child neglect, physical abuse, or child molestation, there are many options to try and set the record straight regarding your case. Trial convictions can be erroneous for a wide variety of reasons, from a trial attorney who was not familiar with the allegations concerning your case to instances where the jury had their mind made up shortly after your trial even started.

If you feel that either you or a family member was on the receiving end of the wrongful verdict, there are many options. I have been doing trial consultations for 25 years, and I am very familiar with the multitude of appeals options. I have consulted a wide variety of cases that brought state court appeals, federal court appeals, motions for a new trial, post-conviction petitions, and direct appeals to the original court.

In 25 years of abuse and neglect consulting, I have seen many ways how a trial attorney was ill-prepared for the severity of the charges that were faced. Together your appellate attorney and I will work together to set up an appeal that gives you the best chance at either obtaining a new trial or having your issue be heard by the court of appeals. To be clear, I am not an attorney, I work with your attorney in providing knowledge that he or she may not have. Many attorneys have many practice areas; child abuse and neglect consulting are all I do.

If you or your attorney is interested in a free initial consultation, please contact my office either by e-mail or by calling (419) 868-6016.