Aggressively Defending Alleged Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Allegations

As a consultant working on child abuse & sexual assault cases all over the country there seems to be two trends developing that are worrisome. I maintain the majority of lawyers know just enough about sex crimes and child abuse to be dangerous – not necessarily effective. There is a pattern I most often see when I first become involved in a case where the defense is no defense. Make no mistake none of these cases are easy and the defendant has the realistic burden of proof. It is our burden to explain what is happening and why someone is sitting at the defense table innocent and/or over charged. Further, there appears to be an increasingly obvious lack of pretrial appeal groundwork being formulated in the sad event of a false conviction.  I see these problems regardless of allegations of sexual assault of an adult or child abuse allegations. Don’t be afraid to ask a lawyer what their strategy is and if they don’t have one, maybe you/they need to hire a consultant.  It is surely much easier to stay out of prison then to get out through appeals.